Oliver Brann: Writing Samples

Essential reads

Zeitgeist capturing

“The LRB review of the Cereal Killer cafe is in and it’s Pulitzer-worthy.” Richard Godwin, Evening Standard

Audience Inspiring

Description copy for London page on Student.com

Thought leadership and brand positioning

University In The Future: A Student Writes From The Year 2050

Extended list


Cereal Killer Cafe, Shoreditch

Pret a Manger, Euston

Bluebelles, Portobello Road

(Under moniker ‘Haulin’ Oats’)

Know how you feel

How To Hand Out Vigilante Justice On Public Transport

26 TERRIBLE problems you encounter on a train


50 things to do before you leave university

Top ten items to improve your summer

Why I’d go skiing if I had a week to live


Top 10 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels On Planet Earth


The six worst money wasting danger zones

16 tricks to stop people stealing your food

Web, marketing and ad copy

Plotr Game homepage

Student.com campus leaflet