Oliver Brann: Video

I have concieved, produced and scripted numerous videos. A few examples are included below.

Being Bilingual Changes Your Brain

Concieved, scripted and produced. Over 22k shares on Facebook and driven 10k page likes at the time of writing.

 If I Wasn’t A Youtuber…

Concieved, co-produced video. Oversaw messaging, digital implementation, defining and meeting project goals. Worked with Kameleon as the sole Plotr stakeholder.

This project saw the harnessing of Youtubers to seamlessly explain, and produce engagement with, the core functionality of Plotr. A video was posted on the Youtubers’ own channels of them playing The Plotr Game (where career matches surface according to the psychological profile that builds up as you play). A second video of the Youtubers trying out their top careers was served on Plotr – achieving a remarkable 50% CTR from first to second video, and 50% from that to playing The Game. 

The example below shows Marcus Butler, whose video drove over 90k to Plotr and 45k to play The Game.

Marcus Butler: If I wasn’t a YouTuber I’d be a…circus performer!!

You can see Marcus playing the Plotr game on his own channel at 6:08 here:

If I wasn’t a YouTuber…

Plotr explainer video

Sole Plotr contact managing project with Calling Brands of Engine. Defining key outcomes and messaging. Gathering and meeting stakeholder requirements.

Four version of the Plotr explainer videos for Plotr’s key audiences can be found here:

Plotr Explainer videos for Students, Teachers, Employers and Parents